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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 28, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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accident. we will hear from the shop's owner. flaired up so quickly just like the mountain exploded on us. >> monster wild fire in colorado continues to burn out of control this morning as thousands wait to hear if their homes are still standing. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. there is a live lookout side, it really is not a bad start to the day, but changes are coming, this is thursday, june 28th, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour happy you are with us. >> indeed. >> tucker barnes has been keeping business see he says we have to get ready for real heat. >> good morning tony, everybody real deal gets in -- later this afternoon we will see temperatures mid-90s the real heat and humidity arrives tomorrow, more details in a minute. let's look at current conditions we mentioned outside just a beautiful start, low
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humidity and temperatures generally in the 50s. here in washington 71 degrees. dulles, 59 degrees, 53 fredericksburg. ocean city, 62 degrees. nice start to your day it will warm quickly we are expecting afternoon highs, warmer than yesterday, mid-90s but not a whole lot of humidity, warm afternoon, but without too much humidity we are not dealing with any heat advisories like we are for the day tomorrow. your satellite radar high pressure will keep us nice and dry, a few clouds in your forecast lots and lots of sunshine, again quiet here. could be a thunderstorm tomorrow with heat and humidity more details on that as mentioned coming up. 95 washington, 90 and hot spot, baltimore, 97 degrees. more details on that weekend forecast in just a minute, traffic, and there she is, julie. all right tucker on the roads now we have accident activity involving a bus and vehicle, excuse me a bus and me bestiary cranks tieing up
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westbound -- pedestrian, tieing up westbound, towards rockville. follow police direction to get by outer loop of the belt way checking for a crash near new hampshire avenue travelling in from the west, eastbound, walker road accident activity ties up the left side to have highway. lanes open northbound i-95, no problems north of the prince william parkway separate stretches of delays leaving stafford, more delays over the occoquan. traffic flows from the belt way past duke street. lanes are open travelling southbound along 270, below speed out of hyatts town. german town out towards 370, headed in towards baltimore be careful accident activity reported southwest corner near wilson's avenue follow police direction in order to get by. thank you very much a big day here in the nations
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capital, as the country awaits a major ruling from the u.s. supreme court. in a few hours from now justices will review their decision on obama's health care reform law. crowds have been camped out all night long waiting for this. sherry good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison, they have. a tonne of people are out here awaiting this decision and chief justice john roberts is expected to issue this historic ruling around 10:00 a.m. this morning. this divided the country since day one when president obama signed that health care reform law in 2010. now the wait is about over whatever the decision today though you can bet the debate is not over. >> outside the supreme court all of that waiting will finally come to an end the court's nine justices will give thumbs up or down to all or part of the president's health care plan. the future of the the nations
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health care system is at stake. >> i believe it was right, to make sure, that everybody in this country, gets decent health care and not bankrupt when they get sick. that is what i believe but it is up to you. >> reporter: actually up to the court now, who could up hold or toss out the entire plan the president staked so much of his time and political capital on or invalidate just one part like the individual mandate requirement all americans purchase health insurance either way last night republican mitt romney was ready to pounce. >> my guess is they are not sleeping real well at the white house tonight, that is the way it ought to be. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner has said republicans will repeal any thing that remains of this law whatever the decision is comes down from the supreme court in just a few hours. don't be surprised to see president obama come out, make a statement, about what the decision is, and what happens
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next. that is the latest here at the supreme court. >> thank you. of course as sherry mentioned we will continue live coverage of this historic decision throughout the morning. bob barnard will be inside the court when it is released and we will bring you the decision live in a special edition of fox 5 morning news at 10:00 a.m. we will also stream live on also expected today the house votes on whether to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. holder is accused of withholding critical information and documents on the botched fast and furious gun program. president obama used executive privilege to shield some documents in the dispute. 20 democrats from swing districts are expected to vote in favour of contempt. party leaders said pressure was coming from the national rifle association. >> it is clear once the nra decided they were going to
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score this if you wanted a perfect record, with the nra you have to vote for contempt. >> criminal contempt resolution would send the matter to the u.s. attorney for district of columbia, civil would allow the house to go to court to try to force holder to turn over certain documents. >> congress made compromises and reached a tentative deal on a major transportation bill set to expire saturday. they will have to take a final vote by tomorrow without action the federal government won't be able to pay for transportation programs or to levee taxes on gas and diesel. the bill is attached to a provision that prevents student loan interest rates from doubling on july 1st. new this morning from silver spring, fire investigators say some type of incendiary device was involved in a fire at a ames damaged the
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barbers, 900 block, 2:30 a.m., it was put out quickly no one was hurt we talked to the shop's owner about the events that lead up to the fire. >> 11:50 p.m. someone busted some windows out one of the owners at the tattoo shop chased the person down the street he got away 2:45 a.m., i get a call, that barbershop was on fire i needed to get down here. >> police ruled this fire to be arson and are still searching for whoever is responsible. also new this morning, four dc police officers now indited in connection to a fight at a dc night club. this happened june of last year outside of lotus night club, k street northwest. the incident was caught on camera, one man was beaten so badly it caused him to lose an eye. the officers charged were off duty at the time. five other people were also indited. alert for people living in northeast dc police are on the lookout for a suspect pretending to be a repairman
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and preying on seniors. a woman living in an apartment on g street was targeted on tuesday, the other incident happened june 19th, florida avenue. in that case the suspect was captured on surveillance video, police believe it is the same man responsible for tuesday's attack. >> once inside, stealing property and money from the victims, the fact that we've had two of these, obviously gives us extreme concern, the fact that our victims are elderly, another extreme concern. >> you don't know what to do. you don't know who it is you know knocking on your door. >> both victims were assaulted but not seriously hurt. police are advising residents not to open the door to a maintenance worker unless they have been verified first. still developing a huge wild fire near colorado springs calmer winds last night did help firefighters get a handle
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on hot spots but the full scope remains unknown. flames were so intense and smoke so thick rescue workers were not able to tell residents which houses were destroyed and which ones were still standing. the waldo canyon fire burned 10- acres near the airforce academy campus no injuries or damage reported and incoming class of more than 1,000 cadets is still scheduled to arrive today. this morning thousands of evacuated residents are in shelters as the fight continues. >> you look up and see the mountain just on fire just burning, and people walking through the streets, almost like zombies they had no reaction to cars, just watching it burn. >> you could feel the heat it was really intense. i mean and then we had cops yelling at us to get out get out and everybody around the neighbourhood, and it was just insane. >> president obama does plan to tour colorado's fire damaged
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areas tomorrow he will thank firefighters battling some of the worst fires to hit out west in decades. just about 10 minutes after the hour, 71 degrees on thursday morning. still ahead, a mystery aboard a cargo ship docked at the port in newark new jersey investigators are looking for possible human cargo stow aways the latest on this search next. >> the sidewalks in the midwest are sure to be sizzling again as that region preparing for record breaking temperatures just how hot it is expected to get. yeah, and as we take you to break a live lookout side, with a little help from music there, going to be extremely hot. latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie up next that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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there's a lot riding on these rails.
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>> much of the midwest is bracing for a heat wave temperatures expected to reach triple digits two heat related deaths have already been reported in milwaukee wisconsin and many in chicago are con terned about power outages. the can be is beating down on much of the nation, -- the sun is beating down on much of the nation yesterday there were 250 new daily high temperature records set. in one kansas town it reached 115 degrees. man. >> yeah,. >> some of that is coming our way. >> yes, a piece of that. >> yeah. >> and i have more numbers i will show them to you this year on our morning temperature map it is just extraordinary these actual air temperatures, good win kansas, 110 degrees. big cities, dallas 102. 71 washington look at that core heat, current temperature in st. louis, 79 degrees, 77
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chicago, so, 82 dallas, lots and lots of heat out to our west as we just mentioned, that or a piece of that energy will be pushing into mid-atlantic and into the eastern states here, later this afternoon and once it kind of lodges in place, it is just not going to be in a hurry to move out. temperatures not only today and tomorrow in the 90s but right through the weekend into early next week in fact, looking 7 days down the road for your 4th of july holiday looks like even the forest temperatures could be upper 90s. looks like a bit of one of these heat waves that lasts a long period of time across the mid-atlantic. >> not much relief out there, we will be nice and dry today, there is the possibility of a few thunderstorms in the forecast tomorrow afternoon, but we will keep our fingers crossed that will give us heat relief and of course, beat the rain showers as well. here is your five day forecast, 95 today won't feel terrible but tomorrow will feel terrible
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excessive heat watch for tomorrow afternoon 98, lots of humidity saturday, sunday, monday, upper 90s close to 100 awfully close to records around here this weekend. >> all right. all we can do is warn you. >> yes. >> sorry about that. >> thank you. >> not the end of the world >> i know. >> no, of course not. >> just be careful is with a we are saying. >> lots of water. >> lots of water, hats. >> julie said it right, bring the pets in. julie joins us with more on traffic but you can add your few cents on weather as well if you like. >> you know at this point i think they have a whole jar of my money. all right. we are definitely out on the roads, and we are wazing thank you so much our fox 5 waze group i love how it pops up and lets you know you are part of our fox 5 waze group a free ap on your mobile phone travelling inbound along new york avenue this morning we have delays, northeast to northwest, this is
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our friend just a brat i didn't give her that name, 10 miles an hour, at this point, 295 coming in bound off south capital headed for the douglas bridge, heavy and slow volume there. a picture to show you inbound along new hampshire avenue headed in towards the district this is taking from the passenger side of the vehicle as you can clearly see heavy volume as you work south of rings road no accidents to report just volume delays to watch out for they are checking for accident activity along route 1, south of 410 on the other side of town you will find, open, college park accident activity with us involving a bus tieing up westbound, at gridly road west of randolph police, fire rescue units on the scene be careful trying to work your way around eastbound lanes open no problems reported there accident activity tieing up eastbound georgetown pike at walker road. that accident activity locks the west side of the highway -- blocks the west side of the
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highway. howard county man in trouble for allegedly damaging a speed camera van. that was parked at 124, and philadelphia in earl cot city. he hit that van with his vehicle then used slingshots to pelt it with marbles he is charged with assault, destruction of property wreckless endangerment he had received two speed camera violations recently. law enforcement officials in new jersey will continue to search cargo containers this morning after a coast guard inspection team heard knocking coming from a cargo ship. >> that ship had just arrived from the middle east, the knocking sounds suggested that stow aways might be inside some of those boxes. joe has more on the search. >> massive response to potentially bigger threat dozens of ambulances and other emergency vehicles rushed to the port of newark after reports of possible stow aways
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on this container ship while an exhaustive search continues, peter king says they have found nothing. >> i have been in contact with people in charge of the operation all day and they have gone through at least two thirds of the containers so far no sign of any human life no sign of stow aways no sign of anything improper. >> officials are taking no chances members of the coast guard thought they heard human noises coming from these containers the ships last port of call was egypt and also reportedly made stops in you nateed arab emirates, pakistan and india. >> quite frankly, if we are talking about pakistan, egypt, they would be two of the countries we would be concerned with and so extra precautions are taken i can't go into all the details. >> former fbi and dea agent and terror expert says if it turns out to be nothing it should still be a wake up call he says
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security overseas is nothing like it is at home. >> this is why we have to take care of ourselves and really have to check at our ports they don't have the same security, in those countryings as we have here. >> we don't let the enemy know which countries we stress the most we also have a series of random inspections but it is part of a concerted series of inspections we have. having said that none of this is 100%. the ship holds roughly 2,000 containers stacked like lego the search is narrowed to an area containing 200 containers officials are checking every last one but no more noises have been heard. joel waledman is reporting. >> a person could survive in one of those containers for about two weeks. still ahead, cooking oil is in high demand for thieves and one local restaurant has proof of that. >> google hoping to expand on
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its success from smart phones as it enters highly competitive tablet market. we will take a closer look after the break. >> and a new vision drawn the life the lion the witch and the wardrobe combines actors and dancers ands in the same role for the first time holly morris is live in bethesda with some of the stars. we will check with them later. ♪
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thieves in maryland and virginia are going after cooking oil. twice in the last month someone has broken into the dumpster area outside the red rooster restaurant damascus maryland to steal used oil. both times thefts were caught on surveillance video. restaurant owners often get paid to give the oil to recyclers. >> that money could do a lot for my family, $200 a month, that is a good chunk of change.
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>> this isn't just happening at this one restaurant, eight oil thefts in fairfax county in the past month. it is possible ves can resell cleaned oil for $3 a gallon. >> board of directors for media giant news corp. has approved a plan to split the company into two pieces separating the entertainment part from the publishing part. wall street journal says the split will be announced the day. it is the parent company of fox 5. google unvailed a new tablet computer designed to rival, kindle fire. it is called nexus 7, 9 hours battery life. it is nfc and wi-fi enabled i don't even know what nfc enabled means. it will cost just under $200 available mid-july >> i think it is nebraska
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fried chicken. >> that's great then. >> that is what i thought. >> 7:25 a.m., repeat of sorts for nats in colorado last night and t time. sports is next. >> huge day on tap here in washington start being the supreme court decision on health care. in depth on this issue and the other big headlines from capital hill. >> as we head to break, here is a live lookout side. this is 395, -- no, 495 at the wood row wilson bridge doesn't look bad right now going to be a hot day tucker has that and julie traffic. more fox 5 morning news after this
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it appears nats like the colorado air. all ball teams do actually. one day after scoring 12 runs, nats lit it up gain. moore and zimmerman homered for a second consecutive game. desmond also went deep, nats win 11-5. now the orioles in anaheim, jj hardy hits one deep to center trout goes over the wall, pulls this one back robbing him of the home run angels would go on to crush the
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birds 13-1. >> all right golfers started teeing off a half hour ago from the at&t national at congressional. >> tiger woods tournament is back for the first time since 2009. tiger, wattney and choi tee off. tiger has two wins in 2012, arnold palmer invitational in march and memorial in june. now, beau is a new face he made a name for himself, lead for a part of the u.s. open he is just 17 years old but handling himself like quite the pro. 17. >> look at these gentlemen just hours away from nba draft wizards are holding the number three pick. last week the team made a predraft trade to get veterans. there are reports other teams are looking to move up wizards owner, tells fox 5, he is not planning any more predraft
7:31 am
trades. so we will see what happens if we stick with number 3 should get someone good. >> yeah and thomas robinson from this area, he will be projected to be picked number 2. >> that's great. >> okay. >> i ran into -- back to tiger i ran into a woman who said i went out there and saw him i was this far from him on the pro am day i guess she was really excited so lots of good things happening. >> if you are headed to the golf tournament take the heat seriously, today mid-90s tomorrow through the weekend, humid in addition to hot. we will have some dangerous conditions. i am sure the golfers are looking for that. fine, headed out to play golf on your own, dogs for a walk that kind of thing now, temperatures back in the 60s low 70s as we take to the map. there we go. and -- >> there we go i guess my name will be permanently up there. 71 washington and quantico,
7:32 am
this morning, 70 leonard town, lots of 60s overnight and still hanging out 60s to the west, dulles 63 degrees, 63 manassas. we are nice and comfortable now but the sun got up an hour and a half ago it will do its dirty work as temperatures are really going to jump quickly well into the 80s top out mid-90s late they are afternoon won't be terribly humid day but will become increasingly uncomfortable later tonight and during your day tomorrow. all right. quiet satellite radar, that is a quiet weather pattern high pressure out west continue to dominate the weather no rain, no thunderstorms today, a chance so we could see a few pop ups by tomorrow afternoon and bring us a little relief that is about it otherwise i mentioned hot temperatures off to our south and west, kansas, yesterday, 110 degrees, that heat heading our direction won't be 110 around here but feel like 110 up to 110 by tomorrow afternoon our actual air temperatures tomorrow upper
7:33 am
90s with plenty of humidity heat index will approach 110 because of that we haven excessive heat watch for the 95 corridor, that is where the worst of the heat will be tomorrow as we have probably you are familiar by now, hazy, hot and humid conditions through the weekend. sunshine, hot afternoon, 95, winds south and west 5 to 10 miles per hour and partly cloudy and warm overnight, overnight lows 77 degrees, warm and muggy overnight, and nice cool mornings we've had last couple days a thing of the past here as we look for it that is a hot 5 day forecast, upper 90s each day could be a few scattered thunderstorms, during the weekend here, in the late afternoon early evening but not much relief from the heat into early next week. that is a look at weather let's do traffic and get the latest there she is from julie wright. you look like a doctor this morning. >> you thing so. >> with the white background? yes. i got to step into the office. >> come here little man let's
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check your temperature. >> yes. >> all right tucker. on the roads right now, you will find our friends are wazing into work and right now our fox 5 widthers say i like this, -- wazers say i like this, strip on bw parkway headed in towards river dale, heads up headed out towards prince georges hospital that is where you will find this activity delays travelling the outer loop of the belt way, heavy volume as you work westbound, 495, new hampshire avenue, headed to sill very spring. thank you duncan for joining the group and bringing us that update. southbound, route 410, accident activity involving a pedestrian. northbound i-95, below speed here at the prince william parkway headed across the occoquan, northbound 15th, 234 for accident activity eastbound georgetown pike. walker road that should be out of your way southbound 270 you remain slow hyatts town, more
7:35 am
delays out of german town leaving 118 headed for 370 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you the supreme court set to rule on president obama's health care law today it is a decision, that could have major implications on the presidential race. insurers have billions at stake and so do millions of americans. ed o'keefe now the congressional correspondent for the washington post. and the author of two chambers, congressional blog. and that is a difference from the federal. so we are happy to see you in this capacity today. >> thank you. >> let's talk about the supreme court all eyes are on this one, this is huge today or could be. >> definitely is, this is why people move and work in washington. a day like today and certainly supreme court leaving everyone in suspense set to either rule the entire law is fine, toss it all out or the individual mandate that says all of us have to get health care by 2014
7:36 am
we will all sit there 10:00 a.m. eagerly anticipating, scratching our headthen the attention will go across the street to the capital where members of congress will weigh in and decide do we have to address with legislation. republicans say if the court doesn't toss out the whole law they will vote to repeal it. even if they vote to repeal it, it has no chance of passage in the democratic controlled senate but you certainly, probably see some clamoring for that to happen, if it is tossed out entirely you will see democrats get upset about it republicans don't plan to spike the ball that is the order from house republicans but certainly -- >> the other thing that has come out suppose the court says it is not time to rule on this constitutional challenge of this too, so might the day end with really no information from the court. >> it might. very well might and that is the beauty of the supreme court they leave us all in suspense like this and certainly, if
7:37 am
that were to happen it would keep the health care debate alive conceivably a few more years, certainly through the campaign season that might benefit both parties because allowing them to rally their sides if you are for this or against this be with us. >> might be done legally but moves on to the political realm. >> you are right. >> we will wait for that again, fox 5, will be on with that ruling or not ruling all day on news and the web. let's move on the eric holder now, this could be historic as well, if this vote go as certain way tell us what is happening with fast and furious. >> sure fast and furious was an operation run by the atf out of their phoenix offices between 2009 and 2011 basically allowing guns to get into mexico and they hoped to catch the drug cartel holding on to these and pull them back in. back in december 2010 a border patrol agent was killed and guns were tied to this ap ration. ever since -- operation.
7:38 am
ever since congress has been investigating. the problem is, republicans have been asking the justice department to release information, that they have started to put together, after february 4th of last year when congress officially started investigating this whole situation, justice department has said no, president obama last week said no i have executive privilege over these documents i can hold on to them, because the public doesn't need to see them if i was to share them, it would not allow my aid, top officials to speak frankly about deliberations on policy,today, because he refuses to give these documents over, the house will vote to hold eric holder in contempt of congress if you pass this, he would be the first attorney general ever held in contempt on congress if they vote to do this they will refer it to the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia, investigating all the ethics charges against dc city council. >> we are quite familiar with
7:39 am
that. >> exactly. he will likely decide not to prosecute but it is up to him to decide. when these things have come up before, they have said look this is a congressional thing but the politics of this, is such republicans are seen as democrats as trying to push this for political gain and discredit the attorney general on the flip side we don't want to be here but if the attorney general is not going to co- operate. >> if all that happens then we will see the information in those documents. >> that is what they would like to think i suspect you will have a court challenge over this and the president, white house administration will have to explain why it is they are withholding. quickly to student loan interest rate this effects a whole bunch of people. >> this is stuff people care about. >> tied to transportation bill and so what is going on with this, tentative deal. >> 7 million college students across the country enjoy federally subsidized student loans 2.4% interest rate if they don't increase it by saturday. >> we use enjoy in a relative --
7:40 am
>> yes, if they don't renew it by saturday night goes to 6 .8% looks like they have a deal >> just for a year. >> just within more year this is the way congress does it. >> this is the way we are doing it a year into the calendar. the other big one is the highway bill this is in the works for years and it might be about a two year deal for federal transportation dollars highway projects all across the country that too, the issue is how do we pay for it, key stone pipeline extension be included? probably not now and that too, will probably be for about two years. if this all doesn't happen by saturday night you can expect them to pass in the short term, extensions and debate it later. >> i don't think anybody wants to be the lawmaker that let interest rates double come july 1st. >> that is the argument that is why you have seen a lot of effort to get this done. ed owe key i like you in this capacity. >> i do too.
7:41 am
college campuses around the nation could soon kick the habit. details of an all out smoking ban. one of televisions most beloved big brothers has died after the break we remember the life of don brady óñ
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7:44 am
making headlines many colleges are moving towards an all out smoking ban. about half of campuses nationwide have either enacted or considering some ban on tobacco on school grounds. the movement is being driven by the health risk of second hand smoke according to the surgeon general reports tobacco use among people aged 18 to 25 remains at open domic proportions. high school -- open domic proportions>> hollywood is mourning the loss of don grady before he was on my three sons he sang and dance on the mickey mouse club. he was 68 years old.
7:45 am
a rare baseball jury see is set to hit the auction block this fall it was worn by new york yankees legend, don larson when he pitched the only perfect game in world series history there 1956. a bidding war is expected for the one of the kind jersey. details will be announced today. larson now 82 said the game is the best thing that ever happened to him. >> wow. >> yeah. >> hard to believe something like that, is -- >> still out there. >> on auction. >> well, you know, yeah. a variety of things happen that make these things available you know. >> i was going to say, what nfc stood for we were talking about the google tablet, near field communication technology makes they say, you know, basically you can yeah, more convenient for consumers, by making it simpler will to make transactions, exchange content like when we do the bump on our
7:46 am
iphones when you had a droid and connect electronic device s with a simple touch. that is all the rage. >> excellent thank you for explaining that. >> i said something different earlier but wasn't that. >> wasn't quite that at all. >> no. >> okay here is tucker with a look at weather. >> your forecast featuring high temperatures and there is a live shot and look at how much different it looks, 24 hours ago remember yesterday, we could see for miles and miles today, a little haze in the atmosphere that will get progressively worse over the next couple days humidity increases along with air temperatures once again dealing with a pretty volatile combination of heat and humidity around here, by friday and this weekend, going to feature, temperatures near 100 and lots of humidity as well. not a bad start, 71 washington 60s west and north of the city, 61 manassas. 66 gaithersburg even 60s for the bay, cambridge 64 degrees as well. looking at our surface map,
7:47 am
high pressure keeping us nice and dry not expecting any shower or thunderstorm activity today, during the daytime hours, tomorrow and as we get into the weekend a series of very weak fronts try to move through and each one of those will give us an opportunity for an isolated storm. it is possible tomorrow afternoon we could get two showers of storms that could bring us relief but a long term trend, with this pattern keeping hot for the next week or so. just not going to get a chance to break down this area of high pressure. you know, prepare here lots of water, want to be in doors next several days, 95 today, 98 friday, saturday, sunday, close to 100 monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures mid-to upper 90s. and lots of humidity we have an excessive heat watch which goes into effect during the day tomorrow. >> thanks tucker. >> let's go to julie wright now she likes heat i don't know if she likes this much heat >> i got to be honest i will
7:48 am
take this kind of heat, yes, this kind of heat for this long over 3 feet of snow on the ground >> i hear you. i would agree with that. >> i am onboard with you >> i don't like to run in it but i will take this heat over snow any day. on the roads, 395, traffic slowing as you make your way past the accident scene already pulled over to our striped safety zone as you approach duke street. delays forming back at the belt way, northbound, closer you get to the accident scene the better the pace. inbound, 14th street bridge, we are slow moving, travelling inbound new york avenue, trying to work your way past north capital headed out towards the third street tunnel, heavy volume as you make your way from northeast to northwest with all lanes open. no problems kennel worth avenue, south of 50, headed out towards pennsylvania avenue. slow traffic, top stretch outer loop, delays, 395, work zone university boulevard, inner
7:49 am
loop into that university 95 college park that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. now playing, a beloved children's tale with a twist. >> holly is behind the scenes live at imagination stage. >> good morning to you. this is what happens when two amazingly creative forces come together, to form an alliance. we are live this morning at imagination stage in bethesda they have teamed up with washington ballet to put on a performance of the lion the witch and the wardrobe that your family will not forget. in fact, this morning, we are taking a first hand look at the making of the magic, all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us that fridge in your kitchen may have crossed
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this bridge. your new car probably rode these rails. that shipment you just received was tracked by satellite. we build and maintain. we invest and innovate. so we can deliver what america needs. this year alone, freight rail companies plan to spend twenty-three billion of their own money, not taxpayer dollars, to build bridges, maintain track, and develop new technologies to keep freight rail and our economy moving. there's a lot riding on these rails.
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it is the fusion of theatre, dance and puppetry. the lion the witch and the wardrobe playing now at
7:53 am
imagination stage. >> holly is getting a backstage pass. looks great >> it really is phenomenal if you are familiar the work they do here at imagination stage you know it is second to none. if you are familiar with washington ballet you know they are cream of the crop. imagine the synergy when those two come together that is exactly what is going on here for the lion the witch and the wardrobe. the fun thing they are doing is the four siblings are all double cast there is an actor and dancer that portrays the role without further adoe, lucy and lucy. this is justine, our actor and francesca is the dancer good morning. >> good morning. >> have you ever been a part of something like this, it is double cast. >> never. >> not in this way it is very you neck. >> how fun is that yet how much of a challenge is that. >> um, i think it is a wonderful thing to be, like double cast as a dancer because you can really just like see
7:54 am
how your emotions are danced out, a lot more through the dancer and it is crazy like vice versa. >> yeah, the same thing i learned so much from her acting skills, and you try and move like each other. >> helps you both develop the character on several levels. mull physical levels is how they play here with this -- multiple levels is how they play here i understand there is a lot of magic that goes on and it all start s with the magical wardrobe. >> can i go inside. >> of course >> i hear you have connections you might be able to get me in. we go inside this magical wardrobe lucy discovers in the story. once inside the magical wardrobe, what happens? >> we go into narnia. >> walking in, and all of a sudden, you guys find, a new place, wow. >> you can imagine what a 7- year-old would think. >> it is wonderment for you all
7:55 am
imagine you are right what a young child watching it transform before their eyes and all of us would like to transform into some snow today because it will be hot outside. but when they add this level, in the production, in terms of you know, you guys are doing your thing but then, the production crew is doing this, does that help you express yourself all that much more as well. >> yes. the set helps a lot you can just imagine it more. >> well, i understand there is more magic that happens. >> oh, yes. >> and it all comes if you just happen to have a little wand right? >> yep. >> are you ready? >> i hear you have connections to the wand too. i am hanging with lucy and lucy they know everywhere they can get me any where today this is the wand okay what does one do with this wand. >> point it right where you want something. >> that is loaded. okay wait right where i want something. oh. a little gift just for me can we peek inside.
7:56 am
>> of course. >> it is turkish delight >> my gosh it is a huge cup of coffee, that is turkish delight for me. wonderful very cool so when you guys are doing your performances and doing your roles, do you feed off of the audiences reaction? >> yes. >> how does that help? >> it helps a lot especially with the kids coming in to see the show. i mean this past week, it is great the feel that energy from the audience, they are laughing, clapping it is great some times they even talk to you. >> how fun is that. that is how much they feel a part of it. by waving this wand one more time who knows what might happen. because magic is everywhere. when it comes to this production of the lion, the witch and the wardrobe thank you lucy. >> thank you lucy. >> this morning forgiving us a little insight into what is going on here. you and your family can come out and enjoy the show our website we have a link to imagination stage get
7:57 am
your tickets the show runs through august 12th you have a little time to have your summer fun we will have more fun as i hear the lion, aslan is showing up, life size takes three pup tiers to do him, we will see how that works in 8:00 a.m. hour back to y'all in studio. >> this is a great space. thank you. coming up at 8:00 a.m., forget the ice cubes if you want to cool off, you might want to bring that iced tea or chilly brew down a degree or two or pick it up we will tell you why. >> did you know some of the nations best beaches are here in our area. which ones made the list and how they got there coming up in our next hour. 3 minutes before 8:00 a.m., 71 degrees on thursday. 
7:58 am
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back now at 8:00 a.m. on what is shaping up to be an historic day across the nations capital, both supreme court and up on the hill a ruling on president obama's health care reform, now just two hours away. while the house is set to vote on whether to hold u.s. attorney general eric holder, in contempt of congress.
8:01 am
other headlines we are also following, while you slept, someone set fire to a local barbershop, evidence investigators have in this suspicious blaze. fire of a different kind continuing to threaten a major city in colorado. the latest to beat the flames which have forced 10s of thousands to flee their homes plus, we will show you dramatic video, that shows just how fast a wild fire can spread. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. we have good news to share with you when it comes to your summer vacation plans if you are headed to the ee, there is you picked some of the country's cleanest beaches to visit. more on that finding. >> that is good news. >> all right. just 1 minute after 8:00 a.m., tucker barnes is here. right now, we are fine temperatures overnight falling back to 60s we are low 70s here regan national later this afternoon, and friday,. >> the heat is on. >> that's right sing it
8:02 am
allison, we will be singing the blues here by early next week. >> all right. >> different genera. >> a little slower. everything slows down. radar, satellite pictures, quiet right now, quiet this afternoon not expecting shower or thunderstorm activity maybe get a few in here during the day tomorrow. temperatures 71, at regan national, humidity up a little bit from yesterday, 53%, winds out of the top and west at 5, today a hot one, won't be terribly humid, should be sunny and dry, any time you are looking at temperatures mid-90s can't call that warm, we only go up from here. details on that. >> all right thank you. >> let's go to julie wright with an update on traffic. >> trying to map out a couple problems for you here, if you are travelling around the capital belt way this is where we have accident activity travelling on the outer loop of the belt way past university
8:03 am
boulevard accident activity cleared here but still finding slow traffic headed in toward silver spring with all your lanes open. accident activity on the outer loop of the belt way as you approach the bw parkway tieing up the right side of the road. traffic colored in red, john hanson highway, 21 miles an hour, northbound 495, headed in around toward land over or i should say out of land overheaded in toward green belt accident activity inner loop at the bw parkway. heads up out of college park headed back around towards that scene. route 1, south of 410 accident activity crash inbound new york avenue after the brent wood parkway. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. we are following a developing story out of the nations capital as the country awaits historic supreme court decision. >> in just a few hour it is supreme court justices will reveal their ruling on president obama's health care reform law. >> fox 5s sherry lee live at the court with the latest.
8:04 am
>> reporter: good morning tony and allison. people who have been camping out here all night long, to be able to get inside the supreme court to hear today's historic ruling just a few minutes ago the court began allowing the first of those public spectators inside the ruling expected to be issued from chief justice roberts later the day this is an issue divided the country, since day one now the wait is just about over whatever the decision is, you can bet, that the will not be the end of the health care fight. president obama signed it into law in 2010, it has some 450 provisions, the center piece is that individual mandate, all americans are required to have health insurance or pay a penalty. justice anthony kennedy is expected to do that swing vote as he has in a number of 5-4 decisions by the court no hint as to how the justices will side but oral arguments last march could give some clue.
8:05 am
>> aggregate of all these uninsured people are increase in the normal family premium, congress says, by a thousand dollars a year those people, are in commerce. >> here the government is saying, that the federal government has a duty to tell individual citizens it must act and that is different from what we have in previous statements. that changes the relationship of the federal government, to the individual. in a very fundamental way. >> now this is a decision that will effect everyone, and you can expect president obama will come out and make some sort of statement, once the decision is made, talking about, what happened and what will happen next, and the republicans have already said, that they will repeal, anything, that remains. that is the latest here from the supreme court back to you. >> thank you very much. we want to let you know we will
8:06 am
be live at the supreme court throughout the morning again the ruling is expected to come down at 10 or shortly after. we will bring that to you live when it happens and streaming live on tony, not just a big day at the supreme court of course, around the corner on can tall hill major votes -- on capital hill major votes will come as well the full house is expected to vote, to hold eric holder, the attorney general in civil and crim falcon tempt of congress for refuserd -- criminal contempt of congress for refusing to turn over information of the fast and furious. house negotiators will allow a two year highway transit bill to pass getting hundreds of construction jobs going creating 3 million jobs and more than 7 million college students should get a break for at least a year as both chambers vote by the weekend, on an agreement to extend a
8:07 am
freeze on student loans, interest rates. a lot going on today. also new this morning, silver springs, fire investigators say some type of incendiary device was involved in a fire at a barbershop. flames damaged the ebony barbers in the 900 block, bellefonte street, this morning. four dr police officers are now indited in connection to a fight at a dc night club that happened june of last year outside lotus night club, k street northwest. the incident was caught on camera one man was beaten so badly it caused him to lose an eye the officers charged were off duty at the time five other people were also indited. warning from dc police to be on the lookout for a man pretending to be a maintenance worker targeting seniors. the same man is believed to be behind two home invasions, as senior citizens homes and northeast, this past week.
8:08 am
in each case the man knocks on the door in the afternoon and said he was a maintenance worker a suspect was captured on surveillance video that is what you are looking at there. both victims were assaulted and robbed. three men charged in what dc police say was a hate crime targeting a teenager. police say on tuesday night, a man approached a 16-year-old boy, on t street, using homophobic words, the two argued, a struggle began two other people arrived one held that teenager while the other stabbed him the victim is out of the hospital. breaking news this morning concerning wild fires. >> we've learned there is a wild fire burning in shenandoah national forest, northern very ever virginia, more on that and -- virginia and more on that and the wall of fire destroying neighbourhoods in colorado. and incredible video that illustrates how fast a wild fire can spread, literally devouring trees in a matter of seconds.
8:09 am
great news to share if your summer plans include a trip to the eastern shore. while you will head to some of the best beaches in the country. right now, 8:09 a.m., we will be right back @ñ4@
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> prince georges officials asking for donations to help 600 people displaced by friday's storm. belatens burg took a hard hit in many cases, damage was so severe homes are unlivable. today and tomorrow, prince georges county of social services collecting donations of upon perishable food and summer clothes. we will talk about the colorado wild fires in just a moment but first we have learned this morning there are wild fires burning much closer to home. >> that's right. crews are battling flames inside shenandoah national park. a wild fire has scorched more than 250-acres, on neighbor mountain in the park. another fire is burning on nut mountain which straddled warren and shenandoah counties the terrain is steep and rocky making fire fighting efforts
8:13 am
difficult. well, we continue to see heart breaking pictures out of colorado as the massive wild fires rage on. >> president obama is expected to visit the state tomorrow, touring the fire stricken area, more than 30,000 people have been forced out of their homes as a result, of the monster flamethick smoke. waldo can owe fires engulfed more than 15,000- acrethreatenning major landmarks like u.s. airforce academy and famed mountain top of pike's peak. officials say that fire is only 5% contained. >> yeah, conditions there expected to get a little better, temperatures 90s a few thunderstorms in the forecast. we always talk about how fast these move but how quickly can they spread. this is video from texas parks and wildlife department from a wild fire last year near austin that charred nearly 6,000-acres see the flames marching across the grasses, engulf tree after
8:14 am
tree in seconds look how fast that flame is moving. >> and when those trees are really dry they just hit like lightning and a match. >> look at that. look at that. >> you can see why wild fire officials are having trouble getting it under control. >> that one tree the first tree that we saw hit it completely is stripped. that quickly. >> well, they are almost like matches, when things really dry out, you get the winds picking up. >> extraordinary. >> yeah. >> all right. >> around here it is going to be super hot. >> very hot not much humidity today, talked about the fires in shenandoah, and maybe a few thunderstorms tomorrow. i think today, we will be nice and dry, yeah, not much relief there. let's get to numbers, extraordinary things that are happening cross country weather wise and we are now 75 degrees in washington, big bounce in if last hour out to the west, lots and lots of heat shattering temperature records across
8:15 am
central sections of the country just, read an article in indiana expecting temperatures over the next couple days that will rival hot temperatures seen during the test bowl era of the 30s. temperatures they haven't seen since the 1930s. here in washington, we will be mid-90s later today, and all that heat is out to the west, will start to push into our area, later this afternoon, tonight, during the day tomorrow and not only will our temperatures go up but humidity as well. and because of that, we have an excessive heat watch in effect, for much of the area during the day tomorrow. look how quiet radar is this morning just not a lot of storm activity most of the country sunny and bright, and very hot particularly eastern half. once this sets up it is not going to be any hurry to get out of here hot temperatures here to stay for the 5 day. 95 today, near 100 friday, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, and lots of humidity as well.
8:16 am
>> yeah. and hot but even the graphic is making me -- >> it really is. to julie wright now with the latest on traffic. all right on the roads right now very much a busy commute we started off with a crash talking about this outer loop of the belt way, bw parkway, tieing up the right lane, average speed north route 50, down to 29 miles an hour. inner loop, southbound, headed back to land over. bw parkway tieing up the two left lanes, big back up leaving college park. on the inner loop, headed in towards silver spring, accident activity, expected to slow east of connect cut avenue i mentioned -- connecticut avenue, i mentioned college park down to 14 miles an hour. travelling along route 1 a fatal accident has the roadway shut down, 410 at queens bury northbound traffic being diverted to a parking lot. southbound, diverted on to queens bury at this time. travelling inbound new york avenue, crash after the brent wood parkway, inner loop remains slow as you travel out
8:17 am
of annona dale towards her field, that is a check of your fox 5 online traffic. delaware tops the list of the best beaches in the country, as ranked by natural resources defense council nonprofit environmental organization rated beaches for 22 years now on criteria including water quality number of beach closings and frequency of water quality checks. both the good news and bad from the report, bob dean with the communication department at natural resources defense council thanks for coming in good to see you. >> good to see you tony. >> this is good news a number of beaches have garnered five star ratings but not a lot >> right. >> in terms of overall number how many beaches do you survey. >> we look at 3,000 around the country tony americans don't realize we lost 23,000 beach days last year, due to pollution in our beaches. and we got 3.5 million americans got sick from swimming in bad water.
8:18 am
stomach virus, skin rash, pink eye all manner we should be taking better care of our water. >> that is the important mismessage to come out of -- message to come out of this. good news there are some beaches doing very well overall last year was a rough year,. the third worst in the 22 years we have been looking at these beaches. part of the problem is storm water run off and the other stuff is sewage over flow, animal and human waste in the water people have to be told to get out of it. here the mus is good. >> let's show ranks again. delaware beaches did particularly well and delaware ranks -- number one,. >> absolutely. delaware number one in the country, for beach quality. >> that is great. >> 200 miles of beaches there on the atlantic ocean. delaware bay, inner bay beaches great opportunity, virginia
8:19 am
beaches ranked number 6, maryland number 11, ocean city, 5 star beach a little closer to home, or close to home still north carolina, number 3. >> not bad >> i know new hampshire is way up there i didn't know new hampshire had beaches. i mean i know they have beaches i didn't know people went to them that much. let's talk about the five star rating, and again i know relatively few beaches get that high of a rating, here we have dewy beach and ocean city's beach 6. you all surveyed various sites. >> we do and in fact if you go to the get this report you can punch in your zip code and find out what the ratings are for those beaches when you plan your trip. >> we have video we did that yesterday, just to show to kind of navigate around there and take a look and we will link our website, -- your website to our website at so people can do
8:20 am
that. the problem areas, where are some of the areas where we did see some problems. >> um, louisiana, ohio, illinois, those great lakes beaches up in those areas. these are real problem areas. salmon parish, louisiana having a tough time down there taking care of their water. >> partly because of the bp spill? >> we are still getting beach closings because of tar balls coming in as a result of bp but what we looked at was consequences of not taking care of storm water run off and sewage over flow. so we need to do a couple things, one the epa needs to strengthen, controls over the water quality, in these recreational areas. congress, which has been launched and mitigated assault on the epa, let us protect our health. >> all right. when you look at water quality, are you looking for specific
8:21 am
things? you mentioned sewage and other things so you are testing for certain things. >> that's right. looking for bacteria, pathogens what they call it that can make us sick and these are typically, consequential to you have had a big storm your waste water facility is overwhelmed they release sewage into the rivers that makes its way into the oceans a day tore two later or -- a day or two later or run off, coming off farm lots, cars, roads, streets. >> there is the message, and again in terms of good news, some of our beaches doing very very well here, dewy beach if delaware and ocean city, 136th street. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> allison back to you. >> 8:21 a.m., thank you tony on this thursday morning coming up next fda approves a new diet pill. >> creative collaboration hitting the stage in bethesda, bringing the classic children's book series the life in a whole
8:22 am
new way. fox 5 morning news back in a moment. with that and more ♪
8:23 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:24 am
8:24 a.m., let's look at stories making headlines this thursday morning.
8:25 am
the board of directors at news corp., approved a plan to split its newspaper business and entertainment operations into two separate companies the move is seen as a way for the murdoch family to hang on to its less profitable newspapers while pleasing investors with a newly end pendent, far more profitable entertainment company. news corp. stock sored 11% yesterday it is the parent company of fox 5. milestone for secretary of state hillary clinton she landed in latvia this morning, the 100th country she has visited as secretary of state. the state department says before today the top number of countries visited by anyone who held that office was 96. fda approved a new prescription weight loss drug, it can be prescribed for adult who is are obese or over weight with at least one medical complication such as diabetes. this is the first time in a
8:26 am
decade a weight loss drug has been approved. >> paula dean is showing off her weight loss, she lost 30 pounds making small changes and giving up some of her favorite foods like mashed potatoes she lived with type two diabetes for more than two years before going public in january. >> looking good. >> okay. >> good for her. >> all right, 8:26 a.m., on thursday morning we may see some triple digit temperature this is weekend. find out why you may not want to reach for your favorite icy beverage, if you find yourself in need of a cool down. >> icy being the operative word. >> yes. >> first we are heading to the smart phone zone, google unvailed some budget friendly competition for the ipad more on that when fox 5 morning news continues 8:26 a.m.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
hello, first of all, there is a nice live shot, have i jumped ahead? weather is first thank you very much. there is a live shot of the capital building, it looks beautiful what is that shaking. >> all the news going to be busting out of the capital soon. >> our camera is shaking wow that is a big day. >> tucker is here with the weather. >> notice the visibility is not quite what they were yesterday. >> more haze and you will notice the visibility, on the increase, and notice the heat, mid-90s this afternoon and then, you know we have been talking about this for days big time heat wave by tomorrow and for the weekend, so,. >> plan accordingly make sure the air conditioner is working, stay indoors or limit outdoor time for the next several days in the afternoon hours. 75 washington not a bad start to your day temperatures overnight falling back to upper 50s and 60s outside the belt way, 75 leonard town good
8:31 am
morning, 75 salisbury, 73 fredericksburg. manassas i am not sure if you are 61 degrees any longer 71 dulles. all right let me show you satellite radar it is indeed a quiet weather pattern as high pressure continues to remain rooted across the mid-atlantic that means lots of sunshine chances for showers and storms close to none, this afternoon more heat than yesterday, extraordinary temperatures out west, yesterday, good win kansas, 110 degrees that was their actual air temperature, not going to be 110 but feel like potentially 110 tomorrow, when you mix in actual air temperature upper 90s close to 100 and humidity around here. because of this we have an excessive heat watch for hazy, hot and humid conditions across the 95 corridor during the day, tomorrow, that is when the worst of it will arrive that will stick around, for the weekend, as we've got an old fashioned washington summer heat wave setting up here for the next several days, 95 this
8:32 am
afternoon, notice the overnight temperatures next several nightmornings upper 70s here in town and lots of 90s as we get into the weekend, dealing with this extreme heat early next week as well, tony and allison back to you. >> thank you. as i started to say a few moments ago tigers tournament is under way golfers started teeing off 7:00 a.m. this morning from at&t national congressional country club bethesda. >> it is back at congressional for the first time since 2009 they tea off at 12:50 p.m. from the first hole. tiger got in a practice round yesterday morn leg has two wins in 2012, arnold palmer invitational in march and back in june. beau hossler lead for part of the u.s. opener at only 17 years old.
8:33 am
>> tonight nba draft, the owner says he is not planning any more predraft trades last week they made a trade to get two veterans. the wizards are still holding the number three overall pick. and talk about an offensive revival, one day after scoring 12 runs nats lit up the score board once again tyler moore and ryan zimmerman homered for a second consecutive game. desmond went deep nats went on to win, 11-5. teams will go back at it, this afternoon. good stuff. competition in the computer tablet market, just got a bit tougher google is jumping into the game. >> lauren demarco is on the story let's head to the smart phone zone. google getting into the tablet game the internet company unvailed its latest device at its annual developer conference in san francisco.
8:34 am
>> nexus 7, super thin, light and portable yet we managed to pack a lot into this device. >> 7-inch tablet will feature the 4 .1 jelly bean version of google soft war, front facing camera, 1280 by 100 resolution screen and speedy processor. >> quad core cpu basically 16 cores which makes everything including games extremely fast and smooth. >> the device features a voice search tool to rival apples siri but with a much smaller price tag than popular ipad. >> prime minister of japan. >> starting to day we are making nexus 7 available, starting at only $199. >> you are getting a lot of bang for the buck and because it is a smaller device and you know roughly half the price of an ipad, it is not necessarily a direct competitor with apple which i think is a smart move.
8:35 am
>> no matter how smart some suggest the device is some analysts say google faces stiff competition. >> no question, regardless, it is an up hill battle for google and others, as they compete with apple and ipad. >> but if this tester has anything to say about it google will surely find some space in the marketplace >> quite amazing product, solid build, you know all the google aps. >> the nexus 7 can be ordered online at google ap store and ship mid-july and also expected to hit store shelves some time next month. >> something else cool was unvailed yesterday, google black we have heard about these before. futuristic glasses that connect to the internet and have a powerful processor, microphone, speakers camera and sensors that make the glasses aware of their location. google gave a wild performance yesterday, developers and programmers saw a live feed
8:36 am
from a team of sky divers wearing the glasses they descended on the building where the conference was taking place the sky divers then got on some bikes road into the meeting and surprised everybody there. now the google glasses are not ready for sale for the public, but pro toe types will be sold to developers for $1,500 a piece, and only in the u.s. because that is the only place where that radio frequency technology is allowed as of now. very interesting all these developers and folks at the meeting google wants them to look at these for ideas as to what they can do with them. >> great presentation. that gets your attention. >> like out of a movie. always exciting when that happens. >> when people sky dive on your building and walk in. >> like concerts you see the film and artist walks out. >> thunderous applause >> i would imagine. >> very cool. >> when can i buy those. >> well, i don't know, they say next year is when they will go to developers. i will save up my money.
8:37 am
>> thanks lauren. >> plenty still ahead on fox 5, amazing spider man is expected to top the box office next week. >> actor martin sheen one of the stars in the highly anticipated film and he sat down with kevin mccarthy. their one on one coming up next on fox 5 morning news it is 8:37 a.m. k
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
from apop clips now to departed, martin sheen is one of the most -- apocalypse now to departed, martin sheen is something of a golf fanatic. >> at the start of their interview about his new movie, amazing spider man the actor asked if he could introduce kevin golf tournament smile being a smart man kevin said yes. >> ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the first tee from wttg tv fox washington dc mr. kevin mccarthy. >> reporter: the single most greatest moment of my entire life. >> at no extra cost. >> right >> i love looking back at all the characters you played throughout the years and i was thinking, if spiderman could have dropped on to one of your films and saved one of your
8:41 am
character who is was dying, which movie, what scene would he have been most helpful in. >> so many of them man. i was just thinking of apocalypse now can you imagine if spiderman showed up and pulled me out of that cave before marlin started beating up on me? that would have been good but andrew wouldn't have been born yet. >> right. >> no way. >> departed. >> oh, my god i hasn't thought about that i could make it into part two. >> interesting the whole idea about it is not a choice peter parker makes more of a responsibility he has to protect the city as an actor what was the moment you realize this is no long era choice but a responsibility of mine to be an actor >> you know i never knew myself as not being an actor i was always an actor even before i realized that is what you called it there was a feeling, there was a knowingness about myself for lack of a better
8:42 am
word. that i was the only one aware of it until i started going to the moviegradually it started dawning on me you are one of those guys up on the screen. no problem i never looked back never had the slightest doubt. >> some body help me my kid is drowning. >> i think spiderman does that, he is drawn to this energy, whatever it is, however confusing and dangerous it is, he is drawn he cannot, not do it and be himself. you know, so in that sense he is an encouragement to all young people who are hampered by peer pressure to step out. you know, and take a chance to become themselves and win their freedom. >> how great is martin sheen >> i love martin sheen. >> how great is he and kevin just brings out the personality. >> funny question if spiderman could be in one of your other movies. >> who thinks of that?
8:43 am
kevin does. amazing spiderman opens tuesday july 3rd. interesting day, before the big holiday kevin will join us tomorrow to review movies coming out for this weekend. >> can't wait. now 8:43 a.m., coming up hot over the next few days, while it might seem like an ice cold drink will cool you down it may shock your body. >> makes sense. >> check being the medical team next. >> first a fantasy novel for children is coming to life on a local stage holly good morning. >> good morning to you. we are on stage at imagination stage bethesda but in essence we have a backstage pass to their newest production, lion, the witch and the wardrobe. cue the lion as we speak. coming up, we will find out first hand what it takes to pull this magical show off all live next fox 5 morning news stay with us [ crows cawing ] [ male announcer ] strange things happen
8:44 am
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in the black forest.
8:46 am
[ metallic bell toll ] [ car speeding down the road, lightning strikes ] where things aren't always what they seem. [ wolves howling ] because thrills hide in the shadows just waiting at every turn. [ coaster whoosh ] brave the black forest on verbolten. the all-new multi-launch coaster. only at busch gardens. >> imagination stage and washington ballet partnered up for a major production, lion the witch and the wardrobe playing now until august >> holly morris is getting a
8:47 am
sneak peek she joins us live from imagination stage. this show looks pretty impressive. >> this show is very impressive. there are so many dimensions to it. you have the acting side which obviously is provided by imagination stage and the dancing side where the washington ballet comes in and then there is this whole puppet industry side where these three talented people come in, mj casey the voice of aslan mr. beaver and works the head of the lion, tracy ramsay and betsy both pup pa tiers because it take -- puppet tiers because it takes three people to make aslan come to life how does this fall in line. >> well, because of all the different disciplines coming together it is more sinner jettic and more fun that way there are times we are on stage everyone is on at the same time, and it feels magical.
8:48 am
>> you do the head right and the voice can you give me an example of the voice. >> well, it is eqed to the sound system is echos but a more deeper resonance version of my own voice. welcome peterson of adam welcome susan and lucy. >> that is pretty magical wow that was impressive. >> so tracy and betsy tell me about what you do with the lion. >> well, a lot of it involves breath that is how we start it. basically to bring any puppet to life to make it look different than just a bunch of fabric and strings, in some cases, you just add breath to it, so tracy and i spent a lot of time working on breaths together and also talking about how an actual lion moves. >> i am sorry i didn't mean to interrupt you but here is what i i was just thinking we could stand and talk about it all day but we could see how it works the first thing you have to do is get into it how does that work. >> well, we need assistance. >> we need help.
8:49 am
>> they need assistance to get into the lion. do you have to do this relatively quickly in the show? >> yes. >> small space backstage. >> i have 10 seconds. >> our curtain call is really difficult and really quick, >> almost like a backpack sort of that you've got. >> yeah, we each have a little kid sized backpack. >> well, it is a kids show. >> it is pretty light not super heavy right? >> um. >> okay maybe it is. >> yeah. >> with the fabric and materials on it it adds up in rehearsal it was lighter. >> i was going to say you are in it for awhile it is about fluidity. >> right. >> talk me through it. >> we will take a run around the table for you. mj usually leads us. >> lead the way mj. >> that is so cool how long did you have to practice to get it all come together so all three of you could work in tandem
8:50 am
>> probably three weeks. >> three weeks really. you make it look effortless. >> well, it is not. >> we will just leave it at that. can you have a new respect for the puppeteers here. you all studied theatre did you thing you were going the make a lion come to life like this in your acting career. >> did we? i think it is a real challenge another character the three of us get to play all at once if we think of it that way each of us gets to communicate, whether paws tracy gets to communicate things with gesture, or when she reaches out in the combat sequence to fight with the witch. and also, betsy, how we sit, we sit in different poses have a thing called pride position. >> now i was just hearing you guys talk to each other, do you have to do that some times in the show? or totally quiet. >> we did it up to probably a couple days before opening but since then, we usually stay pretty quiet unless something
8:51 am
goes wrong. >> through the rehearsal processbetsy called the moves for us because it is important we move at the same time and together otherwise there is a lot of tension on the puppet if one of us is off. >> aslan is like the villain. >> we are pretty fierce. >> it would be fierce if i got to ride this lion. >> yep. >> can't you hear their enthusiasm. >> here we go. >> look at that. you know it is a pretty smooth ride. smoother than i thought. >> you are welcome. >> it is pretty magical i am taming the beast here this morning here at imagination stage come out and see the lion, the witch and the wardrobe runs through august 12th, is our website tickets start as low as $10 trust me, this is something you and your family don't want to miss next hour we will talk with the director and artistic director from imagination stage
8:52 am
and cochoreographer and associate artistic director from washington ballet to talk about how this came together. can we run on to starbucks? let's go pick it up. >> that is simply amazing thank you so much holly. >> as it heats up outside you are probably looking for ways to cool down you may want to think twice before reaching for a super cold drink. deana joins us live out of detroit to explain. good morning. >> good morning allison. as temperatures get ready to hit near 100-degree mark there in dc you thing you want to reach for a nice cold glass of ice water like this one, but as a matter of fact, you might want to make it lukewarm water or room temperature tea instead of iced tea. let me tell you about the research. interesting as your body, thing about it this way as your body is trying to cool itself, it takes a lot of work blood is circulating trying to perspire to get the heat out of your body when you chug down iced cold water you make more work
8:53 am
for your body internally it has to raise the temperature of this liquid to body temperature, 97, 98 degrees. >> well, you know deana maybe we could just stay inside and have that drink with a couple iced cubes. >> well, that is another thought. another thought let me tell you what else happens when you drink iced cold water it causes your blood vessels to constrict just like when you put ice on a wound the blood sort of freezes up and that too can cause a shocking effect inside your body i talked to a doctor who said for healthy people it is probably fine, but if you do suffer from any sort of digestive issues or any sort of cardiac issues, you might want to take this seriously and sip your water, first of all, and don't make it iced cold now allison the good news when you are drinking iced cold water, it does take some caloric expenditure you are burning a couple calories to warm it up.
8:54 am
that is good. >> that is good news but great advice i don't think a lot of people knew that. thank you very much. you are welcome stay cool. >> you too. good stuff. all right it is time now for our facebook fan of the day today we say good morning and hello to denise jackson. denise says she has been a fan of the station since she was a child now she is a mother of three who watches every day starting at 6:00 a.m. we thank you very much for tuning in, hope you and your children are well. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day log on to facebook and leave a comment under her photo. >> all right. >> 8:55 a.m. on thursday morning. >> up next fox 5 morning news we are only about an hour away now from the supreme court handing down its ruling on president obama's health care reform law the battle lines were drawn from the moment that he signed it and today the final decision on its fate, will be made. we are live, at the supreme court when fox 5 morning news continues ues [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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>> right now at 9, health care count down in an hour we should learn the supreme court's decision on president obama's health care reform law. fox 5s sherry lee is live at the supreme court for this historic ruling a live report in just a few minutes. >> creator of the family guy helps make a big donation to library of congress possible a look at the world of late scientist, carl sagan and why seth mcfarlane felt so prongly about the pieces being made public. fda approve add new weight loss drug who qualifies for it and what scientists say it can
8:59 am
do. later if your garden or trees didn't weather our recent storms don't worry derek thomas is here with tips to help you keep your greenery looking nice. also, a big story is weather we are about to really be into the heat right tuck? >> you got it. later today temperatures well into the 90s humidity will remain in check most of the day. but look at it. friday and the weekend things will get steamy and hot, temperatures 75 washington, still pleasant overnight temperatures back in the 50s and low 60s and now quickly, 73 ocean city and frederick, fredericksburg good morning 72 degrees for you. let's do satellite radar, look how quiet that is. not a lot happening, a few clouds from pennsylvania, otherwise, nice sunny day for us, i don't expect any more than a few clouds and not expecting any shower or thunderstorm activity but it will be warmer than yesterday. yesterday


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